Vocational Counselling and Assessment

Vocational Counselling & Assessments

Vocational Counselling assists in identifying the ideal and realistic job options for individuals, by assessing strengths and skills that will aid in finding suitable work. Weaknesses and lack of skills are also identified so to identify areas of development or modification.

Professional Supervision

Personal & Professional Supervision

Personal and Professional Supervision can help individuals to grow both personally and professional by monitoring both personal and professional development and highlight learning areas.

General Counselling services

General Counselling

General Counselling offers face-to-face counselling for individuals across a range of issues such as relationships, grief, parenting difficulties, anxiety, depression - anything that may be negatively impacting a life.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling helps couples to better understand problem areas in their relationship and resolving issues. It can be for couples, families or singles and may involve current or past relationships.

Family Dynamics Counselling

Family Dynamics

Family Dynamics Counselling offers solutions for a variety of problems that people experience in their everyday lives such as depression, anxiety, adolescent issues, family and blended family issues, couples communication and conflict resolution.

Employee Assistance Counselling Services

Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs are where employers provide counselling services for employees. They are intended to help employees deal with personal problems that may impact their work performance, health and general wellbeing - benefitting both employer and employee.